Norway nowadays – a few thoughts on geography and climate

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After the lengthy (and, regarding the escort jobs in Norway, especially important) description of the Kingdom of Norway we can finally talk about the wonderful geographic features of this beautiful country. It stretches along the Western side of the Scandinavian peninsula, and on land it shares borders with Russia, Sweden and Finland. Its shore is broken up by small islands and peninsulas, and the land is covered with hills and mountains, and fjords and glaciers. The eagle eyed escort ladies might notice straight away, that the shape of the country makes a flaccid circumcised penis come to mind, but this observation is irrelevant in geographic sense, especially as only a small portion of the country's population undergo such barbaric procedure.

If we want to examine the climate, then we can tell a lot of things just by looking at he country's location and features. Because it has a long shore the weather is mainly affected by the ocean, with lots of rainfalls and mild temperatures, which are higher in average in the south around Oslo, and lower in the north. The summers can be especially hot, even up to 25-30 degrees in Celsius, and from the fall it begins to cool down, the areas along the shore usually retain the warm weather a bit longer then inland. In the winter these areas are usually less cool than far from the shore, it can be as low as -40 degrees, and snow covers everything all the time, and in huge quantities. The most beautiful period is the spring, as all the snow melts in the mountains, and it falls under in the form of waterfalls, and this is a spectacular view to all the tourists and inhabitants who live and work in these areas!

If we move to the south of the Arctic circle, then the so-called Midnight Sun phenomenon can also be experienced, where the sun does not go down in the summer, and does not come up in the winter at all, everything is in darkness (just a hint for those who prefer the night sex to sex in daylight)! But if someone prefers the heat of the summer and normal sunny days, then Oslo seems like a better choice and its immediate surroundings, as one can always go outside Oslo to discover the beauties Norway's countryside has to offer, only for this very reason it is not worth moving to a hidden little village that is far away from the civilization (not talking about the lovely Oslo escorts and their rich clientèle – unless of course one accepts payments from Viking farmers given in mountain goats or chickens). On top of all this, the low population density causes depression, and no one wants to meet and spend time with sad and depressed escorts.

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Climate change is a serious issue, but I do not think that one person can do hell of a lot in order to bring those huge oil companies down and start using only environmentally friendly technologies. Also, many countries in the world are suffering from much worse issues such as the complete lack of clean drinking water or enough food... So please excuse me for being so ignorant on the issue, but the world is not going to change by this! It is better to focus on the good bits as long as there are something to enjoy, like the sexy escort girls in Oslo ;) They are something!

lantern · Bill
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I agree with you Bill. You or me-we cannot do too much to make the world a better place. What more I can do than not throwing my rubbish away and collect the garbage separately? that's all we can do and I think this is not much because 9 people out of 10 don't do even this small thing. So let's focus on the hot escort girls as they can do a lot to make our life better, right?

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Climate is only important for those escort girls in Oslo, who are planning to stay for years in Norway. they really need to get used to cold, wind and warm summers, and if she wants to travel as well, then there will be some really serious weather conditions she has to endure! North of Norway has harsh weather, and the climate is not friendly at all, but as long as the escort girls want to stay in Oslo only, they should not worry about anything, the airports are close to take a quick trip somewhere nice and warm!

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You cannot really see escorts in the northern parts of the country. I guess it's just simply too cold there and those areas are rarely inhabited, no big cities like Oslo. They cannot make too much money there and also not a big choice of free time activities. Living in the north is about surviving, even for me it's too cold there, an escort coming from a hot country, it might be hell.

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I think for the average escort girls in Oslo the weather and the climate do not matter that much. I will tell you why I think this! It sees that most of the escorts who work in Oslo and other bigger cities, they are touring escort, they do not really stay in place for very long! They travel around visit other cities and other countries, sometimes even other continents! So for them it really does not matter if it shins or rains or the wind blows. They come here to make money!

kellyfamily · kingkong
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Partly I can agree with you. They don't care the weather, they mostly work here and don't go for sightseeing or mountain climbing or any outdoor activities. But I don't think that the majority of them are touring escorts, many of them settle down here for a longer period after they realised that this is a gold mine here, Why they would change location in every half a year when they can have everything here?

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People are talking about the weather all the time! whether it is cold, or hot, will it be a sunny day or not, will it be snowing or not. This is boring as hell! The escorts in Oslo do not care about the weather at all. They are not some shitty street walkers who need nice weather to enjoy their jobs, they are very sexy and beautiful Oslo escorts, who deserve good treatment, and nice presents for their excellent services in exchange! They are special! ;)

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It has never been a more important thing to talk about climate and weather as the global warming happens now! It is all very difficult to figure out how to stop this phenomenon, but a few countries at least trying to do something with it! Norway is like this, it is full of electric cars, and they are not using the oil they mine, they sell it for money which they can spend on more environmentally friendly technologies! Smart but a little I think also selfish, they use the oil to make money, but that oil is burnt elsewhere, so it is still wrongdoing I guess...

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You know recently in the last few years I have noticed, that summers keep getting warmer in Oslo! The sign of this is that I keep seeing sexy Oslo escort girls wearing less and less clothing during the heat waves in Norway, and some of the girls are so sexy that they melt my eyes, and heart when I look at them! I think they have a lot more clients in summer time, as people get hornier in the good weather, especially around late spring! It may not be true in the norther areas in Norway, or in the mountains, but down in the South, it is a tendency!

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New post!!!! I was waiting for it, finally it is here! So exciting! The writing is very good, it beautifully describes Norway's climate and geography! I hope people who are not from Norway - namingly the foreign escort girls who want to start a new life in Norway - will now see that Norway is not all about snow and darkness and cold and wind and rain! There are some beautiful summer weather in summer time, so they not not have to be freezing all year round!

viking01 · jonny
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Yes, that is true! I especially like the part when the writer talks about paying for the escort services in chickens and goats :D What do people think of Norwegian punters now? Farmers are amongst the richest people in Norway, so if someone they surely have the money for some quality entertainment with a beautiful escort girl in Oslo! Low population does not always cause depression, only in people who generally are used to masses and busy streets and night life!

kellyfamily · jonny
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I agree with viking! The whole country is like a big safari park, where the humans are locked in and you have the whole nature around you! Distances are big and everything seems so untouched! It is beautiful, and all the farmers who work the land they are rich and always ready for some quality fun with the sexiest escort girls in Norway! Climate is getting colder as you travel north, but what do you expect from a Nordic country?

michael · jonny
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It is so funny, that in London for example people talk a lot about weather, all the time! It is not like this in Norway however, but people are still very focused on what it is going to be like. If they are out meeting a beautiful escort in Norway, they think twice whether they need to bring an umbrelly or not. And Norway's climate is very difficult anyway, you got the wind and the cold, so I get it why it is so important! Also, the trekking opportunities are very good in Norway too, many people take escort girls to long weekends to the mountains so they have hot company.

björn · jonny
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This topic is hot now! I see other people discussing the climate in Norway, but probably beacuse recently it started to chnage. In summers there were some unexpected heatwaves, and in winter I think there will be less snow in the south than before! Global warming! I think escorts like this because they can stay in our country longer, and the wealthy clients have nicer sexy escort girls in Oslo to choose from!

Bill · jonny
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Global warming is a huge issue in the world and it really is a hotly debated topic indeed! I think it is enough to say that people should take better care of their surrounding environment, so beautiful places like Norway will survive another couple of thousand years! I think it is best if all people take notice and action, especially the sexy escort girls in Oslo as they tend to be rather ignorant when it comes to respecting the nature! It has much to do with where they come from though...

lantern · jonny
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Everyone is so fixed on this global warming issue! But I personally cannot do nothing about it, even if I want to. It is the big companies who have to change! People do not always have the option and money to follow their hearts when it comes to saving he nature! But escorts also do not care much about this proble, they come to this beautiful country to make a huge amount of money and entertain and pleasure the men of the north! That is their only focus!

hammer · jonny
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Yes, lantern is right in part. Companies has to take a big step to conserve this beautiful planet and Norway with its fjords and forests! But all the people should also contribute! Even escort girls! It is easy to see why people love Norway. Because of its beautiful natural places! And because of the sexy escort girls in Oslo ;) I think the best would be if people went back to the old times and live in tents :D paying sex still existed even in those times, so it could not be so bad :D

rammer · jonny
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I am not so interested in this topic, but the writer has a good point with the country life and its beauties! I personally prefer to live in the country and I love to see all those natural features Norway has! It is beautiful and air is cleaner, so I can enjoy the hot date with the sexiest escort girl in Norway! Oslo is good, but too busy for my taste :( Anyways, the climate is best in the south, so if you want hot weather move there!

kingkong · jonny
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Yes yes, the air is good, and the country is beautiful and the nature is so close to you that you can touch it, but if you are interested in only escort girls, then it does not really matter where you find them. I understand that some of you need the circumstances to be very romantic for a hot date, being next to a nice forest, but for the majority of the men, only a bed and the girl are needed!

viking01 · jonny
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I am a romantic type, so please do not destroy my pink world about sexy Oslo escorts taking me to the forest and working on me like a nymph :D Some of guys are very sensitive and we need more carefrom the girls then a usual man, we want to enjoy every minute of being together with out chosen one, and for this sometimes the closeness of nature is needed! It is completely normal for a young guy, for a mature man it is maybe enough to have sex in a small dark room somewhere in the city, but if Norwegian climate allows it, outdoors in a forest does it for me perfectly!